Healthy Fruit in Your Office Breakroom

Employees will love it!

How Does it Work?

Learn about our Company Fruit Program

You get a 25 pound box of mixed fruits for $45.

This is usually 4-8 different fruits. We use whatever is available from our Alabama farmers, then the best we can find from outside the state.

We deliver it, clean it, cut it as needed and place it in baskets, bowls and platters.

All you do is enjoy!

Order and Pay

Each fruit box is $45. This includes delivery and set-out.

We make delivery on Monday and Wednesday. You may choose once or twice weekly delivery.

Your order is weekly, for the month. Billing is monthly.

The company may pay for the Fruit Box or put out an "Honor Box" for employees to contribute.

Learn about our Company Fruit Program

Call (205) 266 - 5130

Learn about our Company Fruit Program


Carolan Donalson Brownell Travel
Our office here in Birmingham has loved the weekly fruit delivery so much that we’ve made our satellite offices envious!

Thank you very much for a wonderful supply here!

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