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“I have been a customer for over 5 years now and watched Jerry and his staff go through lots of learning and growing experiences. They are doing a great job! And the taste of fresh fruits and veggies makes all the difference.” Renee R., Homewood, AL
“My husband and children are eating and enjoying vegetables like I never dreamed possible. The kids and I are excited to put the veggies away together each week. Strawberries rarely make it to the fridge.” Mary Ann C., Montgomery, AL
“I just feel so good about having the best for my family and knowing I am also helping our state and our farmers. Locally grown broccoli is sooooooo good.”      Suzanne G., Birmingham, AL
“I’ve come to know a few of the Grow Alabama farmers and some I knew even before they started growing for Grow Alabama. These are people that need and appreciate what Grow Alabama really does for them. I love supporting this program.”  Teri S., Trussville, AL
“Once in a while I notice what is going on in the grocery stores and do some price comparisons. The price for what I get from Grow Alabama is always better than the stores that are close to me. Not to mention that Alabama grown is never there.”    Susan J., Tuscaloosa, AL
“I love it!!  Cooking has never been so much fun.”   Jessica Y., Birmingham, AL
“It does my heart good to know that I can satisfy my needs while supporting others in my state to satisfy their needs.”     Mary E.,  Auburn, AL
“Three months of my food was paid for last year by referring my friends to Grow Alabama. Now that’s a deal. But I really want to tell you that Alabama food is the best. I look forward to my delivery every week.”    Rose W.  Birmingham, AL
“What! 95% of all we eat comes from some other state or country!! I thought Alabama was a farm based state! This is unacceptable. That’s crazy. This could be a serious problem at some point. Oh, maybe it is now. Grow Alabama!!! Robert M., Inverness, AL

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